Nyx loves Hypocrites!

Nyx says,”Start this year with some hard facts and let’s embrace it.”

Who are hypocrites?

“Someone who conveniently forget their faults to point out someone else’s”

Its time to admit it that we all are hypocrites! When we are accusing others for being one, we are actually looking our image in the mirror. Hypocrisy is nothing more than a state of mind. It’s better to accept it and shun all those concepts of hating liars and hypocrites.


Oscar so white is one of the best examples of being a hypocrite and not accepting it. So Oscar is white and it’s not blue, green or shades of brown. This is the height of Hypocrisy! It’s like one racist accusing other of racism. I think instead of giving it a racist spin they should have accused Oscar jury on the basis of inclusiveness.

Another example of hypocrisy is Body shaming. We all do it and we are afraid to accept it. We have defined beauty and it’s awful! Who in this universe told you what’s the perfect size or shape of a human body? Who are you to tell me I am fat or slim or I have got an ugly nose?

Let’s accept the fact that we are surrounded with hypocrites and we are also one of them. This realization will help you understand and strategize your relationship with others. I hate it when people are judgemental and I am afraid I am one of them. And all those who say they are not hypocrites are liars and I love them.

This realization has made my life smoother as now I rarely get hurt emotionally.  Try to identify and love hypocrites.









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