If nothing goes right…GO TO SLEEP!

There is nothing more important in the world than sleep. Sleep when you are happy. Sleep when you are sad. Sleep when you feel helpless. Trust you me when you will wake up your relaxed mind will give you answers that you are looking for.

My mom is a hard working lady and she works more than 12 hours on her her desk. Not because she has to do it, it’s because she loves her profession. Her passion is her profession. I have learnt so many things from her but one thing that stayed with me is this: If nothing goes right…go to sleep! 

I was never a bright student. Never!
Am I ashamed of it? Not now. 

But, yes, back then I was ashamed of it because my parents are scholars. They hold a degree of doctorate. People feel that if your parents were bright students then you ought to be one as well. Even though I have their genes but I am different from them. I detest physics, chemistry and mathematics. These three subjects used to take every organ out of my mouth. I used to fail in them.

So, one day, I failed miserably in Chemistry. The examiner showered me with glorious 2 marks out of 10. And I guess I got 2 because of being an obedient child. When I came home from school, I was crying badly not on myself but because I felt I let down my parents. Especially my mother who used to teach me these subjects. I remember she used to wake me up at 4 in the morning to study as she felt this is the best time to grasp anything. 

When my mother came back from school, she looked at me and said, ” You Failed in chemistry. How much did you get?” I wondered how does she know that but I guess my face told her my story.I said, “2”.She burst out laughing. “Why are you crying? If nothing goes right…go to sleep! Wake up and analyze what went wrong and how you can improve yourself. Now, please make some tea for me.”

That’s it! 

My mother is a true scorpion, she can combat any one with her eyes. Her eyes speak so much. But that day she was not angry at me, I guess she decided to work harder on me. Pay off was good. I never did well in her subjects but yes I did well in others.

When I look back, I wonder if she would have not given this advice to me then the pressure of delivering would have made me bitter. I am a banker and I know how the industry play with the pressure game.

Now, I know when things don’t go your way don’t choose a highway. Just go to sleep. It’s bedtime!



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