Hide & seek!

I tried to edge away from him. It was futile!

Days passed, months passed, years passed and there was not a single communication between the two of us. And then one fine day, I got a call from him to ask why I edged away from him. Answer is quite simple. There is a strange attraction in his voice that grips me towards him. There is something so special in his conversations that can defy all the logics in the world. 

“Why do you always run away from me?”, he asked.

” Because I can never be a part of your story. Because I get attracted towards you even when I can’t see you. Because I know that I will surely get hurt in the end. Because I know running away from you is the only wise option.”

This time when he called I was in the middle of nowhere. I was enjoying a cup of coffee in the train to a destination which was totally new for me. World was moving around me.  Sometimes there are people in our life whose attraction is so strong that we are ready to leave the entire world. Follow like those enchanted rats who were mesmerized by the music of the bagpiper.  

“So when are we meeting again?”

“When I will be back from this short trip.” 

Oh God! I don’t want to meet him. I want to meet him. I want to talk to him for hours and hours. I want to go out on a long drive with him. I want to sit under a tree near the river and underneath the moon. And talk to him whole night. I don’t want to meet him.

“Give me a call. And don’t edge away from me this time.”

“Being with you is like living on the edge. I will not walk away from you till next time. I enjoy this sweet game of hide and seek where I always run away from you and hide, you find me and bring that child back to life.”

I am still hiding from him but I am sure he will find me. 



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